Here are ideas to help make a positive impact on your life and our world. Most of the products, services and organizations listed below have proven their worth over many years of personal and professional experience. As part of taking responsibility for your well being you are encouraged to seek additional information. Use your best judgment to determine the choices right for your needs.

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To Heal

Merz Apothecary

A Chicago, IL institution since 1875. They stock flower essences, homeopathics, herbal formulations and hard to find products. Merz ships internationally.


Flower Essence Services (FES)

The creators of Flower Essence Services FES products: individual FES flower essences, Flourish flower essence spray blends and the exquisite Seasons of the Soul oils for massage and bath. In the U.S. FES distributes Healing Herbs English flower essences, a recommended alternative to the Bach brand. Flower essences currently under research are also available. Their international distributor locator will help you find the nearest source. FES sponsors the Flower Essence Society for research and education. (See To Learn below.)


Self-Heal Distributing

The distributors in Canada of Flower Essence Services (FES) and Healing Herbs™  flower essences products. Their website will assist you in finding a local store in Canada.


Australian Bush Flower Essences

Seventh generation natural healer Ian White developed this line of flower essences which embody the power of the Australian bush.


Four Elements Herbals

A source for superlative organic healing skin care and creams, delightful handcrafted soaps, tea formulations, herbal extracts (including the famous Madison Birth Center liquid extract formulation of herbs traditionally used during the last two weeks of pregnancy for an easier labor and delivery) and flower essences. These and their other products, including their unbeatable natural mosquito repellent, are all handcrafted on their certified organic gardens and 130 acre farm surrounded by miles of pristine Wisconsin woodlands.

Isadora shares: “A community member in her 20s had a lifelong challenge with eczema which was permanently resolved by a single bar of their Look, No X-C Ma soap. Impressive!” Available too as a set with soap, salve and bath salts packet.


Herb Pharm

This Oregon based company, founded in 1979, manufactures some of the very finest herbal extracts available. Single extracts and compounded blends address a wide variety of needs.


Washington Homeopathics

A source for single and formulated homeopathic remedies. They offer different size pellets. Specifying tiny #15 pellets make it possible to have a large number of doses on hand in a small space. Their Mixed C kit is indispensable for travel, refillable and economical, too.


Forces of Nature

One of a kind formulations of high quality essential oils and homeopathics which can effectively address stubborn issues including specific skin conditions.

Jean’s Greens

Located in upstate New York, Jeans Greens is a dependable source for high quality wildcrafted and organically farmed herbs available in small quantities. They offer tea blends and herbal formulations too.


To Find A Healer

Steve Novil, PhD

A Naturopath with a Ph.D. in homeopathy, Dr. Novil guides people to better health. His professional specialty is longevity.


Laura (Savita) Jachim

Wellness Coaching, Therapeutic Massage, Meditative Yoga, Oneness Blessing and more are all life affirming specialties of this Chicago, IL area healer.


Dr.Yangbum Gyal

This traditionally trained Tibetan physician, Madison, WI area based, is fluent in English and an expert in Tibetan pulse diagnosis. He gives talks and teaches Tibetan healing.


Homeopathic Practitioners

In the US:


In Canada:



In the US:


In Canada:


Network Chiropractic

Locate a network chiropractor through these sites:

In the US:

In Canada:


To Live Well

Community Supported Agriculture

Farmer’s Market Listings

By purchasing a prepaid full or ½ box share farmers receive “seed” capital (literally!) at the beginning of the growing season and in return members receive a weekly share box of freshly harvested produce at reduced cost with a wider variety than they might have selected themselves. CSAs generally have several drop off sites in their delivery area.. Locate local Farmers Markets here also.



Sometimes described as ultra-organic, biodynamic farming was developed by Rudolph Steiner, known too for founding Waldorf Schools. Farm practices take into consideration the rhythms of the seasons and use specially potentized preparations to bring a vibrant life force to its crops. Look here for Biodynamic CSAs and more.


Essential Living Foods

An ethical, ecological source of healthy super foods from around the world with Fair Trade practices which benefit farmers, communities and the environment. Super foods, organic seeds and nuts are a highlight including Amazon heirloom striped (!) wild jungle peanuts. Click on the link to see a photo of this rarity.



Natural foods, supplements, personal care, pet care and thousands of additional items at excellent prices. Their prompt service provides accessibility to those living outside areas served by health food stores and coops in the US and many countries internationally.


Klean Kanteen

Now that you are savoring healthier food take meals and beverages with you in stainless steel rather than plastic which has the potential to leach. A Klean Kanteen steel water bottle with steel cap has been a constant companion on my daily rounds for many years. Their line of steel baby bottles, sippy cups and food containers meet a variety of needs.


Vegan Street

Where else but at this vegan community web portal can you download Marla Rose’s free eBook When Vegans (Almost) Rule the World: and Other Hopeful Projections from the Vegan Feminist Agitator or follow her delightful, wide-ranging, often humorous blog? Reviews, interviews and much more for the vegan or aspiring vegan in your life.


To Learn

Flower Essence Society

Membership provides online access to the Flower Essence Repertory and practitioner articles.


The School of Modern Herbal Medicine

A source for classes, webinars, books and home study courses on a wide range of topics including herbs and natural healing.

To order the webinar series presented by Steven Horne and Isadora Tavens entitled: Flower Essences For The Three Seasons Of Life  click


Waldorf Schools

With over 1,000 schools in 60 countries, and over 150 in North America alone, Waldorf schools are the world’s fastest growing independent educational movement. Creativity and whole-child development are emphasized. This site has a directory to early childhood programs and schools worldwide.


To Be Inspired


Visit this website to see for yourself why my favorite living artist is prize winning, Minnesota based Stephen Gates.



Pat Hoornstra was a late elder friend whose long life of strong values was lived with honesty and integrity. She greatly inspired numerous people through many years of service empowering others. Here read some of her poetic expressions.


The Intelligent Optimist Magazine

The pages of bi-monthly The Intelligent Optimist explore the best of what’s happening globally in social change, social responsibility, the environment, innovation, health and much more all beautifully and thoughtfully presented. It is available on a membership basis which also includes video interviews, online events, two digital newsletters and one annual course of your choosing. Formerly known as ODE, here is a most welcome counter-message to the doom, gloom and despair promulgated by too much of the mainstream media. Hopeful and inspirational and yes, you guessed it, my favorite publication plus.


To Create


Beth Brown-Reinsel is an author and internationally known teacher of the historic knitting techniques of 19th century Northern Europe. Her love of these traditions comes through on her website which offers her knitting patterns, books, DVDs, schedule of workshops in North America and Europe, blog and eNewsletter sign up.


Graphic Designer

John Beske’s creative gifts in graphic and web design, logo creation, advertising and package design are well respected by the roster of vegan products, green businesses and organizations he creates for. He is also co-creator of (see above).


To Grow


Frederic Luskin, PhD, Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects, has developed classes and books on forgiveness, one of the most important yet difficult issues many struggle to resolve. From his website: “Forgiveness has been shown to reduce anger, hurt, depression and stress and lead to greater feelings of optimism, hope, compassion and self confidence.” Start today.


To Grow~Literally!!

Gardens Alive!

This Indiana based company offers effective natural fertilizers for indoor and outdoor plants along with natural solutions to minimize outdoor pests and keep homes bug free. Their products really work.


To Recycle

Batteries, Electronic Devices, Paint and Other Chemicals

Check your local health or environmental health department. Also:

Compact Florescent Bulbs (CFL)

CFL bulbs contain mercury, a known toxin. Dispose of CFL bulbs properly to reduce the undisputed negative health and environmental impact of mercury. The safe alternative? Purchase readily available LED light bulbs which use even less electricity than CFL bulbs to produce light. Go for it!

Unwanted Household Items

Non-profit Freecycle allows you to post listings for items you want and search for available items in 5000 communities worldwide. The old adage definitely applies here: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.


To Make a Difference


Founded in the US in 1978, Seva, the Sanskrit word for selfless service, is well known for its innovative programs addressing eye health and other needs of under served communities. Their well respected programs include working to prevent unnecessary blindness in Nepal and India and the epidemic of diabetes among Native Americans. SEVA acted swiftly to relieve suffering in many remote areas of Nepal after the devastating Himalayan earthquakes of 2015.

Instead of a traditional gift consider giving one of their Gifts of Service, including eye care, for someone in need. I especially appreciate the joyful photos illustrating their website and newsletters. Check them out.


Environmental Working Group

From their website: “The Environmental Working Group is the nation’s leading environmental health research and advocacy organization. Our mission is to serve as a watchdog to see that Americans get straight facts, unfiltered and unspun, so they can make healthier choices and enjoy a cleaner environment.”  For 20+ years EWG has been a reliable resource publishing consumer guides to healthier choices in cosmetics, cleaning supplies and pesticides in foods, including the annual “Dirty Dozen” list of the most pesticide laden produce. E-newsletters include Take Action alerts.


David Suzuki Foundation

How popular is Japanese-Canadian David Suzuki, PhD? A full 20% of Canadians surveyed say they would like to vacation with him! (Source: What Canadians Think by Bricker and Wright) Honored in 2009 for his environmental activism with an international Swedish Right Livelihood Award, often referred to as the alternative Nobel Prize, his organization is at the forefront of environmental activism in Canada. Research and e-newsletters, including Queen of Green replete with excellent ideas not found elsewhere, yet relevant to all no matter where you reside, help fulfill their mission to “Work towards balancing human needs with the Earth’s ability to sustain all life. Our goal is to find and communicate practical ways to achieve that balance.”


The Life You Can Save

“…is a movement of people fighting extreme poverty. We hold that an ethical life involves using some of our wealth and resources to save and improve the lives of those less fortunate than us.” Donate to any of the ten respected charities they promote: food fortification, deworming children, cataract surgeries (including SEVA listed above), safe water, anti-malaria, fistula repairs, etc.


Amnesty International

From its founding in 1961 to being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977, Amnesty International has campaigned tirelessly on behalf of over 47,000 “prisoners of conscience” worldwide. Three million members and supporters work to end torture and on behalf of freedom of expression, religious freedom, artistic freedom, indigenous communities and minorities. Take action via email or through hundreds of local groups that meet around the globe.


To Grow Spiritually

Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF)

And by popular request… In recent years people regularly express the desire to learn how to meditate. Meditation is more than silent introspection. Interiorizing awareness can best be achieved by a series of simple breathing practices including those taught by SRF.

The SRF website has three free introductory 15 minute meditations on Light, Love and also Peace. SRF offer priceless yet inexpensive lessons by mail worldwide. They have over 600 meditation groups and centers throughout the world. Locate them via their website.

Paramahansa Yogananda, born in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, lived in North America from 1920 to1952. His mission was to show the underlying unity of all religions and teach universal scientific meditation techniques as a path for all to reach the highest spiritual attainment.

Yogananda wrote the perennial best seller Autobiography of a Yogi which has been translated into numerous languages. He also authored numerous books including Inner Peace: How to be Calmly Active and Actively Calm; Living Fearlessly; Scientific Healing Affirmations, a two volume set of discourses The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ With In You- A Revelatory Commentary on the Original Teachings and numerous other titles including God Talks With Arjuna- The Bhagavad-Gita, which is also a set of discourses in two volumes. Profound and unforgettable.

Awake: The Life of Yogananda (2014) is the highly recommended, multiple award winning documentary movie about his inspirational life. Available on DVD from SRF and on Netflix.

In North America:

In India:

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