Kesna at the door #1

“I work on the motto that if something’s not

impossible, there must be a way of doing it.”

Sir Nicholas Winton
May, 1909- July, 2015
British Citizen who saved Czech children in WWII

Kesna is a loving, endearing, conscientious, diligent and principled young man who had, by far, the most difficult childhood of anyone I’ve ever personally known. He came to live with me in my one room cottage after his father abandoned him on the street at age 11. For most children that would be a trauma.

For Kesna, being abandoned was welcome relief from the neglect and abuse, both physical and emotional, he was subjected to including being deliberately underfed or starved. Often breakfast was just a single slice of bread. Lunch was typically non-existent. From the time he started first grade at age 6, Kesna walked 3 hours each way to attend school as his father refused to give him 40 cents for the shared public taxi fare each way. Read Kesna’s little essay to learn about his self-reliance and inspirational resourcefulness in finding a way to study for, and successfully pass, the Jamaican high school entrance exam.

Kesna age 13 at his first birthday celebration ever.

Kesna age 13, his first birthday celebration ever!

When Kesna started high school his father refused to pay for the mandatory school textbooks. Understandably, his studies suffered.

Arriving to live with me, Kesna brought a small bag with a toothbrush, two khaki school uniforms, 1 pair of school shoes, 2 polo shirts, 2 pairs of jeans and 3 briefs. These in total comprised all his worldly possessions.

Kesna has gone from performing poorly in grade 7 to being promoted to the brightest class at school. During his final three years of high school he was the number one top achiever. Just before the start of the high school graduation ceremony in June, 2015, the principal commented to me, “I couldn’t believe the amount of award certificates I had to sign for Kesna!”  For excellent behavior and numerous contributions to his high school he was appointed Prefect. (When the teacher is not available a Prefect is the student monitor.) He is also a math and physics wiz.

 Kesna at 16 with Isadora

Kesna at 16 with Isadora

Kesna is the only child I have ever met who literally glows with goodness. That Kesna can be so kind, caring and emotionally healthy after years of mistreatment speaks highly of his inner strength and resilience. I am endlessly amazed at that he not only survived but has the inner resolve to actively look for ways to help others. The human heart has greater courage than we imagine.

I am so very grateful to friends and others who have helped Kesna thus far. Kesna is determined to attain an advanced college degree and needs our support to attend college. His goal at is to be a chemical engineer working on green solutions to environmental problems. He aspires to study for degrees in North America. That may seem like a big goal for someone coming from a childhood like his but Kesna is undeterred.

On a mid-term report card his home room teacher, wrote:

“Kesna is a pleasant and enthusiastic member of the class
who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes. He
possesses the ability to succeed and with the right
motivation and encouragement he will achieve his goals.”

Your kind encouragement and support will insure Kesna succeeds in reaching the lofty academic heights he is determined to achieve.

Awards Ceremony presentation to Kesna of the Top Achiever Award by Principal Clyde Evans

Awards Ceremony presentation to Kesna of the Top Achiever Award by Principal Clyde Evans


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Kesna age 13 with Julie

Kesna at age 13 with Julie in Jamaica

“I stayed in touch with Isadora after meeting her on a Caribbean vacation. When she told me about Kesna I knew immediately that he was a special young man. Meeting him confirmed that. I have been in regular contact with him since then. Whenever friends visit Jamaica I send a ‘Suitcase of Love’ with school shoes, clothes, etc. I feel happy to help Kesna because I know he’s really going places in life.”

Alberta, Canada

Kesna’s Most Urgent Need:  Funds for College

Kesna has begun his studies at Montego Bay Community College thanks to the generosity of others. Tuition is $500 per semester plus an additional $300 for text books. Internet is $26 monthly.

Transportation to college and his lunch are US $9 daily.

Thank you for making a big difference in Kesna’s life now and for his future!