“What really made the three classes I’ve taken (so far!) with Isadora, were the entertaining stories she told about people’s healing experiences with flower essences. She engaged the class with her honesty and warmth. Her quick wit and humor made the classes enjoyable and easy to understand. When customers come to me for advice about which flower essence to choose I now feel more confident in helping them decide which one is best suited for their needs. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Debra Gorr,
Health Food Store Health and Beauty Manager
St. Paul, MN




Flower Essences

Known as the Flower Essence Story Teller, Isadora’s lively and informative presentations, drawing from three decades of professional experience, are sure to enlighten and inspire. Her talks and classes are appreciated for the unique way they effectively weave together flower essences, numerous illuminating stories of healing, both humorous and profound, and the consciousness of how to use flower essences to heal, really heal, from the inside out.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

Carl Jung
Swiss Psychiatrist

Herbal and Flower Essence Presentation to Holistic Moms Network

Herbal and Flower Essence Presentation
to Holistic Moms Network

Flower essences are inexpensive unscented vibrational remedies used for emotional self-care. They enhance emotional well being by gently helping to resolve anxiety, fear, childhood issues, trauma, broken heartedness, inner conflicts and other common challenges. Their positive attributes include clarifying our personal and work path in life, strengthening courage, resolve, hope and joy. Children, adults and companion animals (pets) alike all benefit from these safe and gentle remedies which may be used internally or externally.

With sweet humor, too often absent in presentations on wellness. Program attendees say Isadora succeeds with panache in adding it back into the mix. She regales class attendees with stories of flower essence bottles that literally fall off the shelf to “demand” attention, and bottles which appear out of nowhere or just seem to disappear. All true! Talks may include: the meaning of plants and trees that “volunteer”, appearing unbidden in your yard, the gift of 6 bottles of Willow flower essence during a challenging time, why sensitive people sometimes take up residence on streets with the name Yarrow, how flower essences helped sell a house- her former house!- and many other true tales.

Flower Essence Class for Health Food Store and Coop Employees

Flower Essence Class for Health Food Store  and Coop Employees




Class participants are welcome to share experiences with flowers or flower essences. Ideally, program sponsors allow ample time for questions; usually there are many enthusiastic queries. Flower essences resonate with even the most skeptical, awakening the desire to learn more.

Each class or program explores numerous ways to decrease stress, release self-limiting attitudes and face life with courage, clarity, creativity and joy. In these lively, engaging presentations attendees:

Presentations range from ½ hour mini-talks to 1 to 4 hour classes to a full day workshop.

The full day The Flowers Love Us! workshops include extensive,

Flower Essence Class at a Private Home

Flower Essence Class at a Private Home

detailed written materials which minimizes the need to take notes. Included too is instruction on how to make your own flower essences. Full day workshop attendees receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing.

Isadora’s talks and programs for clubs and social organizations, business groups, massage therapists and other health professionals have opened new and exciting vistas on healing with flower essences- the superlative gift of the flowers.

To learn more read Flower Essences Are
and view a list of popular flower essences.

Participants take home the confidence to begin helping themselves and others immediately!


Flower Essence Full Day Workshop

The Flowers Love Us! A lively full day exploration includes:


Isadora’s Popular Flower Essence Classes

A Lovely Autumn Day for an Outdoor Flower Essence Class

A Lovely Early Autumn Day for an Outdoor Flower Essence Class


Need an uplifting speaker?

Isadora welcomes the opportunity to create presentations designed

to fit the needs and interests of your group, organization or conference.

To discuss your needs Contact Isadora


Classes in Practical Visual Diagnosis

Enhance your professional and personal life by adding Visual Diagnosis of Physical and Emotional Well-being to your repertoire. Visual Diagnosis is intriguing for anyone wanting new insight into their health or the health of those they serve. Medical and holistic practitioners, dermatologists, estheticians, beauticians and others will learn a new dimension to patient/client assessment and service. This fascinating subject has numerous useful applications. Visual Diagnosis is valid cross culturally.

In addition to past studies with noted instructors, Isadora has garnered many insights during more than three decades supporting people on the quest for greater wellness. Presently, she is creating an eBook on Visual Diagnosis. Add your name to Isadora’s email list to receive notification when it becomes available. Private tutorials are also available.

See Free Healing Article Introducing Visual Diagnosis


Presentations To and On Behalf Of ~

The Flower Essence Services, Nevada City, CA

Holistic Moms Network

Network of Women Entrepreneurs, Chicago, IL

Wellness and Massage Training Institute, Willowbrook, IL

Center for Healing Arts and Eco School New Auburn~Long Lake, WI

Stores and Coops in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana

Medicine of Plants Conference, Worthington, MA

Chicago Wellness Center, Chicago, IL

Sun Center, Chicago,IL

Bodywise Fit Week, Negril, Jamaica

Body and Soul Wellness Week, Negril, Jamaica

Healing Week, Braco, Jamaica


Class attendees say ~

“I attended the talk you gave on September 14 and want to tell you what a wonderful time I had. I had never heard of flower essences and thought just for a new experience I would attend.

The way you presented was very intriguing. I was enraptured the whole time listening to you- and your sense of humor was delightful! You were the breath of fresh air I have been looking for in the last few months. Thank you for the new experience and opening my eyes to new possibilities.”

Cary Robinson

“Isadora was my first flower essence teacher. Her creative presentation and depth of knowledge made the class a wonderful experience.”

Mary Fleming
Author and Intuitive Healer
La Grange Park, IL


Stores say ~

“We love getting the glowing reports of the enthusiasm that you generate with your talks, with the customers and store staff. Thank you for being such a good representative of these healing balms from nature!

Richard Katz
Co-Director, Flower Essence Services
Nevada City, CA


Drew Dubord
Wellness Care Manager
Outpost Natural Foods Co.
Milwaukee, WI

“This could be one of the best workshops all year. Isadora is a Health and Body Care [Department] favorite. Come see what all the hoopla is about!”

In-store Staff Promo Flyer
Wedge Co.
Minneapolis, MN

“Isadora has a gift for explaining the concept of flower essences simply and concisely so those attending her classes are moved to a new and more empowered space of consciousness.”

Sheila Mhoon
Health Food Store Manager
Country Club Hills, IL

“Isadora explains flower essences and their uses equally well in trainings for our store employees and in classes and demos for store customers. She also has a great, insightful ability to help those in need find the proper flower essences. I recommend her work both professionally and personally!”

Anthony Qaiyum
Co-Owner, Merz Apothecary
Chicago, IL

“Isadora is a messenger from the flowers.”

Marza Millar
Owner, Sacred Earth Medicinals
Nevada City, CA

“Isadora did two staff training sessions for us this summer and fall and one educational talk at our monthly Social Gathering where we discuss different metaphysical or holistic health topics each month.  The number of people that usually attend these Social Gatherings is approximately 10.  This month’s turn-out of over 30 people was the largest group we’ve had at our Gathering. Isadora’s talk on Flower Essence Light for the Dark Night was very informative, uplifting and educational on what the flowers can do for us.

Everyone enjoyed it so much and had so many questions for her that the talk ran about an hour past the normal ending time. We have received terrific feedback from customers who attended her talk. All want to know when she would be able to return. Isadora is a real “jewel”.


Karen Neihart
Owner, Metaphysical Emporium
Oakdale, MN